Subject I heard that breast surgery is often performed through umbilicus. Is it safe this way ? I’m concerned around recovery period and capsular contracture. Which material is safe to use for implant ?
The endoscopic breast augmentation through umbilicus is performed along the layers of abdominal fat that it is very safe for patients.
It rather has less pain with minimum surgical scar that you can go back to your daily life within 3-4 days.
The skin around umbilicus sometimes gets harden, but it is just a part of healing process, and it will disappear after a month or so.
Materials for breast implants are cohesive gels, silicone gel bags, and saline bags. Currently at BK, saline bags and cohesive gels are used for breast augmentation.
The size and shape of implants are determined through consultation with patients according to their body type, skin tissue, and symmetry of the breasts.
There is no bleeding during surgery that patient does not feel any pain after surgery, and it does not require a separate recovery period with low chance of getting capsular contracture.
Although using cohesive gels creates more natural feeling to touch , in order to keep the natural texture after surgery, proper surgical method must be implemented to avoid capsular contracture.
The surgical method also varies according to the shape of breasts that you must have thorough consultation and analysis of your body before surgery.

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