• no-incisional method
  • bk natural adhesion method
  • incisional method
  • partial-Incisional method
What is BK Non-Incisional Method?
Non-incisional method without scar and recurrence
is originated by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
It is a double eyelid surgery using single knot continuously embedded
non-incisional method.
BK non-incisional method by Dr. Kim Byung Gun, the director of BK plastic surgery hospital, has merits that the knot stays on even with frequent irritation, and the procedure leaves no scar. Many hospitals nowadays call BK non-incisional method with another name and use it for double eyelid surgery.

■ Cases Requiring BK Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Traumatic Alopecia


■ Surgical Method of BK Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

The skin and levator muscle are connected by a single knot along the crease from inner to outer
skin. Since this method pinches more than 3 times continuously compared to other existing buried
suture methods, the result does not get reversed even with frequent irritation and leaves no scar.

■ Pros
01. There is little swelling after surgery.
02. Daily activity is possible after 2~3 days.
03. It leaves no scar.
04. There is less burden of revisional surgery.
05. Invalidating the procedure is possible
      by removing the suture.
■ Cons
01. The result may not be permanent compared
      to incisional method.
02. This method is inappropriate for eyelids
      with thick skin or excess fat.


Duration   20 minutes
Anesthesia   Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Stitch Removal   2 days after surgery
Recovery period   Daily activities (facial wash, make-up) after 2-3 days Natural looks with
  make-up after 1-2 weeks Fine swelling remains over 3-8 weeks

Recovery period varies on individual basis.

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