Lateral hotz surgical method was developed and distributed
by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
Many plastic surgeons have practiced the BK lateral hotz surgical
method since it was developed by Bk Plastic Surgery in 2004 and
presented at The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.
It is to make eyes look bigger and attractive by lowering the outer surface of
eyelids. Invented by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, this method is famous for
leaving no scar since incision is made through inner conjunctiva of eyes and
currently used in other hospitals with different names. More effective results
can be achieved by having outer corner extension along with lateral hotz.
Can Lateral Hotz
be performed in
cases where outer
corner extension is
Yes. In case of sunken eyes, there is not enough space to make outer corner extension.
If the outer corner extension is performed by force, unnatural appearance can be
resulted due to redness formed around outer corner. Thus, lateral hotz can maximize
the results of outer corner extension in such cases.


Duration   20 minutes
Anesthesia   Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Stitch Removal   After 7 days of surgery
Recovery Period   Daily activities (facial wash, make-up) after 1 week
  Natural appearance after 1-2 months
  Scars become invisible after 3-4 months

Recovery period varies on individual basis.

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