Pre-Operative Instructions
1. You must stop smoking and drinking 1 week prior to surgery.
2. Your medication must be verified with doctor during consultation.
3. Take medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid with
    a little amount of water in the morning of surgery.
4. You must avoid eating and drinking including water 6 hours
    prior to surgery.
5. You must not drive without a guardian on the day of surgery.
6. You must wear comfortable clothes with no accessories and
     must erase all make-up including nail polish before coming
     to hospital.
Post-Operative Instructions
1. Moderate swelling is expected right after surgery. Swelling is
    severe during 2nd and 3rd post operative days, but it usually
    subsides within 1 week.
2. Stitches are removed within 5th~7th day, and facial wash is
    possible after stitch removal.
3. Rubbing the surgical site may cause breakage of suture or scar.
4. Apply ice pack for 3-5 days after surgery, then use warm pack
    for 2 more weeks
to subside swelling.
5. You may wear your contact lens 2 weeks after surgery.
6. You must avoid the following – smoking, drinking, and sauna
    1 month after surgery.
7. Redness around surgical site is normal reaction, and it gradually
    disappears after 1-3 months. Healing process may vary on
    individual basis.
8. Swelling after surgery may cause asymmetrical appearance of
     eyes, but condition is only temporary. If you notice asymmetry
     in eyes after swelling has been subsided, you must consult with

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