Professional Medical Specialists for Safety
Professional medical specialists with diverse
experience as the primary value.
BK Plastic Surgery
Hospital has progressed with various specialists
through diverse clinical experience and active
academic participation. We promise to provide
natural beauty to all our patients.
Precise Measurement System Before Surgery
For safer and more successful surgery, analysis of
individual’s accurate bone structure is mandatory.
Using pre-operative simulation system enables us to
perform successful surgery without side effects.
Safe Anesthesia System
For any possible emergency during surgery,
professional anesthesiologists monitor patients
throughout the entire procedure.

Thorough consultation with patients before
surgery and patient monitoring system with medical
staffs entitled for continuous care guarantees patients’
safety. Screening before surgery enables to provide
customized anesthesia for individual’s safety.
A non-utility generator (NUG) system prepared for
We are equipped with an emergency non-utility
generator system to fully protect patients during
operations and treatments from unexpected natural
disaster or blackouts caused by external factors.
Recovery Room / Patient’s Room
Patients receive continuous care given by professional
nurses in quite and clean environment for fast recovery.
Medical staffs are available for 24/7
providing continuous patient care.
Sterilization System
All medical devices are sterilized through the latest
sterilization system for patient’s safety and infection
Recovery Maintenance System After Surgery
Recovery maintenance system allows
fast recovery and return to daily life.

Recovery maintenance system contains
treatments using high frequency, laser, and massages.
Pain medication is scheduled for pain management
after surgery which may vary upon individual basis.

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