The ideal nose tip has its width(A) and height (B) similar in length, and forms a
45 degree angle with the columella.

Most people have round-tipped noses due to thick skin and small cartilage of tip. Refining the shape of such
nose tip may need one or a combination of different procedures depending on its shape.


■ When nasal alar cartilage is large
The top section of nasal alar cartilage
that has been reduced to 5~8mm, is tied
with sutures. Autologous cartilage
(septal cartilage or ear cartilage) can be
used as the supporting structure to further
refine the tip shape.
■ When nasal alar cartilage is
    horizontally spread
Both sides of widened nasal alar
cartilage are trimmed and tied
together causing the septal cartilage
to be elevated.
■ Thick subcutaneous fat
    in the nose tip
Removing subcutaneous fat contracts
skin and creates a sharper nose tip.
Autologous cartilage grafting
(septal cartilage or ear cartilage) is
recommended if the tip is originally
too low or a nasal bridge augmentation
is to be performed as well.


Duration 1 hour
Anesthesia Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Swelling pattern Major swelling gradually subsides in 5-6 days
Natural appearance in 2-3 months
Recovery period 5-7 days after surgery

Recovery period varies on individual basis.

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