BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is acknowledged by a renown
academy for inner corner fold removal with no scar.
Small eyes can be fixed by removing Mongolian fold which covers
inner comer fold.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital continuously developed the inner corner fold removal method causing no scar , and many plastic surgeons from other clinics have been using this method since it was announced at the International Plastic Surgery Academy in 2002.
01. Incision line is marked
      in advance.
02.Snip the Mongolian
fold along the marked line.
03.Remaining skin
surrounding Mongolian
fold is removed.
04.Suture along the
inner surface of eyes
to hide the surgical site.
■ What is the benefit?
Attractive appearance can be created by making smooth inner corner of eyes.
Will there be any
visible scar after
Inner Corner Fold
The suture line after removing the Mongolian fold is hidden along the inner surface
of eyes. Redness appears during the first month, but disappears after 2-3months.


Duration   20minutes
Anesthesia   Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Stitch Removal   7 days after surgery
Recovery Period   Daily activities (facial wash, make-up) after 1 week
  Natural appearance after 1-2 months
  Scars become invisible after 3-4 months

Recovery period varies on individual basis.

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