Since possible time for revisional eyelid surgery can be
different for individual, it is better to make a decision after
consultation with a medical specialist.
We suggest 3-6 months to wait in average if the reason for revisional surgery
is dissatisfactory results after previous surgery. However, if the results right
after surgery were determined to be failure, it is better to undergo revisional
eyelid surgery within 2 weeks before the surgical site completely heals.


Duration   1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
Anesthesia   Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Stitch Removal   After 7 days of surgery. Stitch should not be removed so quickly since
  suture needs to hold the rearranged skin structure until it settles.
Recovery Period   * It takes more time for recovery compared to 1st trial since the surgery is
     much longer and more complicated.
  * 70% of swelling disappears after 1-2 weeks
  * The rest of swelling disappears after 1-2 months
  * Natural appearance after 6 months or above

Recovery period varies on individual basis.

■ Thick Double Eyelid Fold
Double eyelids may look thick due to swelling
after surgery. However, if the eyelids look still
swollen after 1 year period, revisional eyelid
surgery should be considered.
01. lncisional method used from previous surgery :
The double eyelid crease including incision
scar can be lowered, or the excess skin
between double Creases can be removed.
02. Non-incisional method used :
If it has been less than 2 weeks since surgery,
condition can be improved by removing the
tied knots, but if it has been over 2 weeks,
the surgical site is already healed that
incision needs to be made during revisional surgery.
03. Uncorrected ptosis:
With incision, ptosis can be corrected along
with lowering the height of double eyelid
crease using appropriate method for amount of skin to be removed.
■ Asymmetrical Double Eyelid Fold
Since it is very normal to have asymmetrical
eyes, revisional double eyelid surgery may
not be necessary. However, if asymmetry
of eyes seems severe over time, revisional
double eyelid surgery should be considered.
01. Asymmetrical double eyelid fold:
New double eyelid is made on desired site
after untying the existing double eyelid
02. One side being loosened:
The crease can be adjusted to balance the
other side.
03. Difference in levator muscles due to ptosis on
one side:
Ptosis correction is performed to balance
levator muscle in both eyelids creating
symmetrical double eyelid creases.
■ Indistinct or Reversed Double
    Eyelid Crease
Despite of thick skin or excess fat on
eyelids, if double eyelid surgery using
non-incisional method is performed
without fat removal, the crease can
become indistinct or reversed.
01. Requiring fat/muscle removal:
The tissue between previous and new
double eyelid crease can be removed after
lowering the crease with incision.
02. Not requiring fat/muscle removal:
2~3mm of partial incision can be required.
■ Multiple Double Eyelid Creases
Since multiple creases on eyelids may create unpleasant appearance, correction should be considered.
01. Surgical Method:
After removing all the existing creases, a single crease can be created by untying the adhesive tissue.
■ Low Crease or Thin Fold
Due to aging process, droopiness of skin
may cause double eyelids being too low or
thin even if they were perfectly sized at
the time of surgery. Also, requesting thin
fold at the time of surgery due to anxiety
may result in dissatisfaction after a long
period of time.
01. Double eyelid fold being too thin: Condition can be fixed by untying the
existing crease or making another crease
over existing one.
02. Thin fold due to skin above incision line covering the crease:
Condition can be fixed by incision to
remove droopy skin.
■ No Change or Smaller Appearance of Eyes After Surgery
When double eyelid surgery is performed without awareness of ptosis, or when shortness of vertical length with mere crease cause the shape of eyes to be round, the outcome may be dissatisfactory.
01. Requiring ptosis correction : Condition can be corrected to strengthen levator muscle and connective tissue by creating new double eyelid crease which must be smaller than existing crease.
02. Length of eyes being too short : Horizontal and vertical length of eyes can be balanced by lengthening the width with inner corner fold removal, outer corner extension, or outer corner reshaping.
■ Severe Scar After Double Eyelid Surgery
Scar induced from double eyelid surgery usually disappears within 3-6 months. However, causes for creating
severe scar can be due to inappropriate suture method or patient‘s skin condition (Keloid).
Surgical Method : Except for keloid, condition can be improved by incision to remove scar followed by
delicate suture if scar was induced from inappropriate suture method.

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