When outer comer extension is overly performed ignoring the structure of eyes, it may cause
discomfort to control brightness in eyes or induce visible scar. To modify these conditions,
outer corner reconstruction should be considered.

■ Time for Outer Corner Reconstruction

Time after 6 months to 1 year is suitable for any reconstructive surgery of eyes after previous procedures.


Since surgical method is decided after reviewing existing problems
and patient's condition, consultation with surgeon is mandatory.

■ No Change after Outer Corner Extension
Condition can be improved by extension using
the existing incision line or outer corner
reshaping with outer corner reconstruction in
case of not enough space for expansion.
■ Tear-Drop Shaped or ⊃ Shaped Scar
If Y-V surgical method was used during the
previous surgery, V-Y method can close
the gap to hide scar inward with suture.


Duration   30 minutes
Anesthesia   Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Stitch Removal   6 days after surgery
Recovery Period   Scar disappears after 6 months.

Recovery period varies on individual basis.

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